Böner från Taizé

God of love, you give yourself to us
by sending us the Holy Spirit.
He can heal our deep wounds, giving us Christ's peace and forgiveness
and making us a people. We praise you for the Spirit's presence.
You never condemn; you always lift us up.

Praise be to you, Christ Jesus; you are risen and alive today.
You prepare a place close to God for everyone.
We rely on your invisible presence.
You have said to us: "I am with you always, until the end of time.
May this hope from the Gospel spread out to all humanity.

Christ Jesus, you are risen and you love each one of us.
Even when we forget you, you never take away your love.
Send us your Holy Spirit!
And then we shall truly be able to love those who are confided to us.
And we shall understand that
the Kingdom of God is already among us.

Risen Christ, through your Holy Spirit
you remain in us always, and you enable us to remain in you.
And you never cease reminding us
that such a communion can last forever.

Christ Jesus, you carried a cross;
even when you were abused and ill-treated
you did not threaten, you forgave.
As we seek to follow you, we too want to know
how to forgive again and again

God of peace, your presence is often a mystery for us;
to welcome you we need a heart that is simple,
and filled with trust.

Christ Jesus, when we understand that your love is first of all forgiveness,
then something in our life is pacified and even changed.
And through your Spirit you say to us: dare to give your life.

Jesus our peace, through your Gospel you assure us:
every time you relieve the difficulty of the least of human beings,
it is to me,Christ, that you are doing it.

Jesus our peace, even when we do not know how to pray,
we remember your word: "I will send you the Holy Spirit;
he will be a support and a comforter;
he will be with you always"

Holy Spirit, enable us to turn towards you at every moment.
So often we forget that you dwell in us,
you pray in us, and that you love in us.
Your presence within us is trust and continual forgiveness.

God of every human being, we long to listen to you when you tell us:
Rise up, let your soul live!
We never wish to choose darkness or discouragement,
but to welcome the clear light of praise.

-- Prayer on Easter morning --
Christ Jesus, you overcame death
and you are mysteriously present to each one of us.
You preserve us from discouragement and you fill us with hope.
So, even with a faith that is very little,
we dare to say through our lives: "Christ is risen!"

Jesus our peace, through the Holy Sprit you come to us always.
Our prayer can be quite poor, but you pray within us
even in the silence of our hearts.

God of peace, when we search for you in prayer,
you enable us to pass through even the anxiousness of our heart.
There is the astonishment of your love for each one of us.

God of compassion, when Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the Temple,
they had only a pair of turtle doves to offer.
We too are seeking you, with almost nothing,
as humble people of the Gospel.

O Christ, however fragile our human condition may be,
you call each of us to start out
afresh on a way of the Gospel;
even if we know you very little.

Christ Jesus, enable us to know how to listen
to your servant John the Baptist when he says to us,
"Turn towards God and put your trust in the Gospel;
the Kingdom of God is very close to you."

Holy Spirit, even when clarity seems to disappear,
your presence in us remains.
And so we can go forward today and always,
listening to Christ.

Breath of God's loving, Holy Spirit, in giving you our trust,
we discover this surprising reality:
God never creates fear in us; God can only give his love.

Holy Spirit, when we are in your presence,
little by little we discover a meaning to our life;
it is in the gift of self; in forgetting self for others.

God of goodness, in our humble prayer
we welcome your invisible presence,
and we can confide our whole life to you.

Christ Jesus, through the Gospel you say to each one of us:
why do you worry about so many things? One thing alone is necessary:
a heart that listens so as to understand
that God loves you and always forgives you.

God of compassion, when within us wells up the impression of not knowing
what you expect of us, through your Gospel we discover:
you invite us to love, just as you love us.

Holy Spirit, when anxiety could get the upper hand in our lives,
you call us to confide our sorrows and our trials to you,
and to surrender ourselves in you.

God who loves us, we want to go to your wellspring,
in days of joy as in days of sorrow.
And through your Holy Spirit you will speak to our hearts.

Jesus our hope, when you ask us,
as you asked your disciple Peter: "Do you love me?"
- we want to reply: Christ Jesus, you know that I love you;
perhaps not as I would like to, but I love you.

Jesus our hope, since your resurrection,
through the mysterious presence of your Holy Spirit,
you dwell in our hearts and you say to each of us: come, follow me;
I will lead you to the wellsprings of trust in God.

Jesus our peace, you consented to giving your life;
you knock at the door of every human heart
and you say to each one: come, follow me;
I will lead you to the wellsprings of hope.

God of tenderness, through the Gospel we understand
that you have chosen us and that you say to each one of us:
"You also are for me a beloved child."
There is the beginning of an inner peace and a new life.

Holy Spirit, our poor words manage so little to express
the depths of our heart and our thirst for your presence.
But in prayer that is humble,
you always wait for us, you always listen to us.

Christ Jesus, in the Gospel you tell us
not to dwell on what has wounded us.
And your forgiveness becomes a miracle in our lives.

Christ Jesus, in your Gospel we listen to
the call you address to us: "Follow me".
And we understand that following you is above all
taking the risk of putting our trust in you.

God of consolation, even were we to feel nothing
of your presence, you are there. Your presence is invisible,
but your Holy Spirit is always within us.

God of compassion, with you we can find again and again
forgiveness and trust, sources of continual beginning anew.

Christ Jesus, you came into the world
not to be served but to serve and to give your life.
Make us humble servants of the Gospel,
who live from confident trust in God and the Holy Spirit.

God of peace, through your Holy Spirit,
you enable us to pass through the deserts of the heart
and, through your forgiveness,
you dispel our faults like the morning mist.

Jesus our peace, in a world where we can be taken aback
by the incomprehensible suffering of the innocent,
enable us to make visible, through our lives,
a reflection of your compassion.

God of mercy, you enlighten our souls with an unexpected light.
So we discover, even if a share of darkness can remain within us,
that above all there is the mystery of your presence.

Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Risen Christ,
whatever our hesitations or even our doubts,
you are always there, and you say to each one of us:
surrender yourself quite simply to the presence of God.

Christ Jesus, by your continual presence as the Risen One,
you offer us a source at which to draw ever and again
the meaning of our existence.

Risen Jesus, your Spirit rests upon each one of us,
and, as the almond tree starts to blossom in springtime,
you bring to flower even our interior deserts.

Christ Jesus, as you sent out your disciples to the whole world,
so you call us to communicate a mystery of faith to those around us.
Enable us tobecome, through our lives,
witnesses to peace on earth.